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The bonding method


Strand by strand, you can attach a strand of Russian premium real hair to your natural hair with a keratin bond. With this method, the weight of the hair is evenly distributed and, if used correctly, no one's own hair is torn out.

The extension device heats up to 160 °. As a comparison, a normal straightening iron / curling iron also gets hot or hot.


This is the most beautiful hair extension method currently available, along with clip-in.


The hair extension can be worn for 4 - 6 months.

It is theoretically possible to use the hair again, but it is cheaper to take new hair straight away.


It is advisable to make a cleaning cut at least every 3 months, 100 hairs are naturally lost per day and they get caught in the keratin bond. With the cleaning cut, this hair is removed and it is more comfortable to wear.

It is normal that strands fall out during the wearing period, usually 0 - 12 fall out in these 6 months, if your hair has a quick hair change it can affect up to 30 strands.


They are removed with the solvent from sullivanhair.ch and by breaking open the adhesive points with pliers and pulling off the strand of natural hair without losing your own hair. Combing out the glue residue and sticks can be uncomfortable.


The tape-in method


3-4cm wide adhesive pads are stuck together and the hair extensions are attached in between.

This method is well suited for short hair or customers who like to change color. But it doesn't last for all hair and skin types. This should therefore be tested first with a test strand.


You can leave it in for 1-3 months, after which it should be taken out and the "adhesive strips" can be replaced and reinserted.

They are removed with the solvent from sullivanhair.ch and by pulling them apart, combing out the adhesive residue can be uncomfortable.


After taking it out, it is normal for the hair to feel slightly sticky for up to a week, the finest adhesive particles cannot be removed by simply combing them out and must be shampooed out.


The clip-in method


This method is intended for daily in and out like a hair accessory.

You don't have to pay attention to anything, it doesn't damage the hair at all.

With frequent use, the hair should be washed no more than every 1-2 weeks.

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