The advantages of coloring (permanent):

- New you: You get a permanent result and can change your hair color permanently and significantly. Perfect for those who are determined!

- Get out of the gray area: With a coloration you can cover gray hair up to one hundred percent. A real fountain of youth!

- Bright joy: from brown to blonde? No problem! Colorations can also lighten dark hair. The products for bleaching contain hydrogen peroxide, which dissolves the dark natural pigments from the hair. So the light color can look right later.


The advantages of a hair tint (Demi Permanent):

- It is ideal for those who like to experiment: Since the color slowly wears off after a few months, you can try out new shades without great risk.

- Gentle on the hair: The color pigments are only deposited on the outside of the hair, the cuticle does not have to be opened - new color the gentle way!

- Balanced: the tint fades evenly, there are no strong color differences in the hair, that means no regrowing roots

- Extra gloss: You can stick to your natural hair color and just refine it with a tint. That brings a great gloss effect.


We recommend these products only to professionals.

Permanent hairdye products

Demi Permanente / Toning


Tint the hair temporarily.When changing the hair color with substantive dyes, the dyes that have already been produced here are deposited on the individual hair and, together with the natural hair color, result in the new shade.A color change with these colorants is therefore not permanent: The externally deposited dyes wash out again after six to eight washes.This type of coloration can be recognized by the fact that the pack contains a ready-to-use component that can be applied directly without mixing.The form of application of substantive dyes is usually a mild shampoo or conditioner formulation, but cream or foam versions are also available.The colorations are very gentle on the hair.Nevertheless, the hairdresser or user should always wear gloves at home because of possible staining of the skin or fingernails.


Temporary means temporarily, the following coloring products last 1-5 washes and go out again completely. Ideal for a party or if you want to try something.