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Russian Sullivan premium human hair



Keratin Bonding

- 100% Russian premium human hair 

- Full and thick strands - Naturally straight hair, not chemically stretched - 100% high quality keratin flakes 

- Removable with the solvent without leaving any residue.

Sullivan Keratin Spray


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Beauty begins the moment you choose to be yourself.

Elena Sullivan

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Sullivan Hair

- 100% Russian premium human hair 

- Full and density 1g strands 

- Naturally straight hair, not chemically stretched 

- 100% high quality keratin flakes 

- Can be removed with the solvent without leaving any residue

Sullivan Keratin

We use our Sullivan Keratin Spray every day in the salon for our keratin treatments. The secret behind beautiful and shiny healthy hair is hidden in our loving bottles. 


The result: 

The damaged hair structure is sealed and repaired, the hair is supplied with nutrients and its resistance is rebuilt. However, there is no change in the hair structure as with chemical hair straightening. 


For professional use, we also offer the keratin concentrate for intensive keratin treatment.